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The Goodnight Irene- Pre Labor Day Special 2 Mo Fr*ee
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The Goodnight Irene- Pre Labor Day Special 2 Mo Fr*ee

Hurricane Irene high-tailed it out of here.
Thank Goodness!

We are now in the post Irene era and, I for one,
am delighted to see her go as we live in NY and
there was a lot of devastation upstate as
there was in many states along the East Coast.

We are also coming up to the end of summer and
the beginning of the work and school year
holiday called Labor Day Weekend in the States.

That is a weekend where everyone labors mightly
at putting away as many hot dogs and hamburgers
as they can.

So while we are singing goodnight Irene and
munching on the dogs, here is a special that
is good for anyone who is laboring on the net
and trying to get out from under difficult

The Irene Goodnight Special

Here comes a special that will get you out
of the mess you may be in.

Sign up here to Sokule

Pick up the silver membership as you sign
up and we are going to sweeten the deal
from now until Labor Day. (See How Below)

With a Silver membership here is just some
of what you get as as a silver member of

A Sokule Silver Membership will let you:

* Pay once a year at a huge savings to you
* Build you a list on auto pilot
* Email that list every 3 Days
* Post to 86 Social Media Sites and
  targeted blogs with just 1 click
* Post to over 1.3 million KuleWall viewers
* Post messages as long as you like on Sokwall
* Pre schedule up to 25 posts
* Auto Welcome your Trackers
* Edit Your Posts
* Cutomized your posting page the way you want to
* Post from your mobile phone at no cost to you
* Earn high Comm-issions
* Get Paid Weekly
* Advertise any site you like
* Create your own business page the way you like

And from today until Labor day, we will add
on 2 free months to your silver account so
that you will get 14 months for the price
of 12.

All you need to do to take advantage of this
offer is sign up here


Pick up the silver membership on your way in and...

You can sing Irene Goodnight all the way
to the bank.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: After you sign up to silver, you will get a

personal welcome letter from me that will let
you know that I have added 2 months onto your

PPS: This special ends Monday, September 5th
at midnight est.

PPS: Want to watch a live demo of Sokule so
you can see the magic he can perform for you
as a silver member. I bet we can have you
saying That's really Kule (pronouced cool)
within 5 minutes.

We has a live demo yesterday and you can watch it

right here.



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