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Your Message Everywhere in Seconds...
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Your Message Everywhere in Seconds...


Picture this...

You send an email to 3,000 people.
10% read your message.

5% retweet it to their twitter followers.

That is what they have to do to claim advertising
credits at totally Tweetable.

Now imagine that each person who retweets
your message has at least 50 followers. Some
will have a lot more, but for now we will use 50
as our base example.

3,000 readers x 5% retweet = 150 people
150 people x 50 Twitter followers =  7500
people reading your message.

Now that is powerful stuff.

Of course those number could be a lot more.
I prefer to be conservative.

Here is how you get your messages read
by thousands.

Go to

==> http://totallytweetable.com/?vip=122

* Signup and upgrade to the elite level (you
   will see this offer as your signup)
* Login and Send your email message
* You can send every 3 days.
* Claim your Sokule List Building Credits Bonus
   in the members area. I will triple it if you sign
   up through my link today.

Do it now...

==> http://totallytweetable.com/?vip=122

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: Tripple it...

Diamond members will get 1.5 million sokens
at Sokule (Value 1905.00)

Elite Members will get 3 million sokens
at Sokule (Value 3810.00)

That is a * tripple up * today only...
Here is how you collect your Sokule bonus...
Sign up and upgrade here...

==> http://totallytweetable.com/?vip=122

Then send me your full name, your payment
receipt to Totally Tweetable and your Sokule
username to:


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your Sokens
to be added to your account.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join
here and collect your bounus.

==> http://sokule.com


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