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(JBP) A New Concept And Advertising Tool From Walter Bayliss. Others Promote Your Ads!

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Is the money still in the list? Yes, it is and while there are several
attempts by some very talented developers to replace that, it's always
going to be a very effective method to build a business.

However, it really can't be argued that social media has completely
changed the way we market our business opportunities online.
Most Marketers we know spend a very large portion of their day
engaging in social media activity.


Because that's where the activity is and if you are not including that
method in your advertising arsenal, you're going to be left behind.

Social Media Advertising's Biggest Challenge:

The biggest challenge most people face when using mainstream social
media as an advertising tool is building a large enough group of contacts.
Building a group of contacts will take time... A LOT OF TIME!

What If You Could Bypass Building Your Social Media Contacts?

With Walter's new site, you can do exactly that! You see, with this
new advertising concept, you'll not only promote your business opportunity
using a traditional email, you'll also have others promoting your biz

How crazy cool is that? Others promoting your business opportunities???

Just how "viral" can this radical new concept go? We have no idea but if
it explodes, we want to be on the front end of it and you should too.

Join Today!



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

(JBP) Jaye and Brad (JB) SOTAM Co-Founders Pledge (P)

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, we pledge to only
promote quality programs that add value to your advertising/money
making efforts. While we cannot guarantee every opportunity will
be worthwhile, we will research the admin history, market
opportunity, and promote only those programs we believe to have
the highest market demand.


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