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Paul Darby Just Slapped Me Again and...
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Paul Darby Just Slapped Me Again and...

Can you believe this?

Paul Darby just slapped me again.
He has been doing that for years now:)

Really he has. You should see our conversations
back and forth on the phone and on Yahoo.

Paul is one goofy, talented guy and I love
him dearly

But now lets get serious.

He has one of the best programs on the net
for newbies or for experts.


And right now he is sending millions of
visitors to your site if you are a member

Read all about it below. I love this site
It is one of my favorites on the net
because you can ea*rn at all levels and
you can be pretty much of a ninkapooh and
run this site. No offense meant but this
is as easy as picking ripe peaches from
a tree as they fall and I hope you are part
of it especially now that Paul is advertising
for all of us with a huge new campaign.

Read my take on Slap the Guru below

Go Higher  Here are the facts


Paul is starting up today *New Rotator* Hop
into it now.

There is not a week that goes by that I
don't get an automatic sign ups at Slap
the Guru.

Many of you have signed up to SlaptheGuru
and you can read all about it below


This is one of the best sites I have come
across where you can get started on the net
with Paul Darby helping you advertise and
where you can really make a decent monthly
income online, actually a full time income

You just pop your own Alertpay account in
the members area and you are in business.

I have been testing this site

Here are the facts.

I signed up and in six days here is what
I have coming in month after month.

I now have 47 monthly recurring members
signed up under me

Here is how they break down.

25 of them are paying 100 per month
Total 2500 per month.

4 of them are paying 25 per month
Total 100 per month

8 of them are paying 50 per month
Total 400 per month

10 are paying 7.00 per month that is 66.00 per

Total in six days 3066 per month
That's a lot of income no matter how you look
at it.

I did not get it on my own
Some of it I did.

But Paul Darby has my link in a rotator
and is sending traffic to my site so I
get sign ups even when I am not mentioning
this site at all.

Think about this.

I am paying 100 per month
My return on the investment in six days is
over 3000 per month.
I get Paul Darby to advertise for me for
that price and he is one of the best in the
I get to keep all of the sign ups at the
7,25,50 75 and 100 level

If you want to bring in the big dough, you
need to sign up at the highest level you
can afford.

Go higher...
It really does get you more.

Here's why

If you sign up at the 7.00 level you can
get to keep all the sign ups only at the
7.00 level,

If you sign up at the 25 level, you get
to keep all the sign ups at the 7 and 25 dollar level

If you sign up at the the 50 level you
get sign ups at the 7 25 and 50 level
And so on.

If you sign up at the 100 level, you keep
all of the sign ups 7, 25, 50, 75,100

So... Where do you really want to be?
You really want to be at the 100 level

This gets you sign ups at any level that
comes in under you and that is the way you
can build up a hefty monthly income

It also gets you much more advertising
for you link from Paul.

This is one nifty site.
I have given it the Jane Mark once over and
I really like it.

You can read more about it below.


Go for it and go get um.

Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule Inc

PS: You will find a Sokule bonus waiting for
you in the members area of this site. Look
for it and if you sign up and upgrade under
my link today, I will double that bonus for
you. The bonus is for those who upgrade to
the 100 payment and I will make it 2 million sokens
for you today. (value 2540.00)

How to collect

send me your full name, your payment receipt
dated today for slap the guru and your Sokule
username to



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