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*New* Site is Just Totally Off The Wall Fabulous
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*New* Site is Just Totally Off The Wall Fabulous


This site is an unbelievable hoot.

First it mails, then it tweets, then it
squeeks. See what I mean below.

Watch for my Tripple up bonus below.
This is a Tripple up site if I ever saw one.

Fellow Australian, Walter Bayliss, and his
partner Mark Evans, have just launched one
of the most interesting sites I have ever seen.

It's called Totally Tweetable and it is
totally off the wall fabulous!


Here is what it does in a nut shell.

It's a mailer but not like any you have ever seen.

You mail your message out and the subject
line shows and a credits link shows to members.

They click on that link.
They ea*rn mailing credits.

But...at the same time, your whole message
is tweeted out to their twitter account.

And then it flips you to the Sokule Squeek
button and Totally Tweetable members
put your message on all of Sokule's 86
Social Media Sites.

This is pure genious
I love it.

So... Imagine if hundreds or even thousands
of members are clicking to get those
mailing credits.

That means your message is being tweeted out
to hundreds and thousands of twitter accounts
right now and...

Then it squeeks your message out to 86
other Social Media Sites.

This is pure genious.
I love it.

I have been playing around in the members
area for a couple of days and going bonkers

This is the perfect match for Sokule and
of course we added it to the partner ids
in the Sokule members area so you can put
your Totally Tweetable id and their logo
up on your postit Page.

So Totally Tweetable is..
A Mailer with a tweet twist.

It's Social Marketing that is so viral it
will make your head spin.

It puts your message on hundreds and
even thousands of Social Media sites
all of the net and...

Of course you can ea*rn dough from it

And you can pick up a boat load of Sokens
as a bonus. See below.

So Bottom Line.

Sign up here

Watch for the oto for the elite or diamond
membership as you sign up.

If you can swing it go for the elite
It is an annual payment.
It is the one Phil and I grabbed.
It lets you mail to 3000 members every 3
days so that is the one you want to shoot

The more members who receive your message,
the more twitter accounts it lands on.

Oh and...

You are going to see a sokens bonus
waiting for you at Totally Tweetable for
the elite and the diamond memberships.

I will Tripple it for anyone who signs up
and upgrades under my link today. I have
never offered that before but this is a
Tripple up site if I ever saw one.

Go get this site
It is totally off the wall incredible

It gets my ten *Star* recommendation

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Tripple it...

Diamond members will get 1.5 million sokens
at Sokule (Value 1905.00)

Elite Members will get 3 million sokens
at Sokule (Value 3810.00)

That's a tripple up today only

Here is how you collect your Sokule bonus

Sign up and upgrade here

Then send me your full name, your payment
receipt to Totally Tweetable and your
Sokule username to:


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your Sokens
to be added to your account.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join
us right here so you can collect your bounus.


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