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I just finished reading this article on The Reality Of Mind Powers...

What can our mind powers actually do?

There are a lot of things about our mind that we have yet to be discovered. Many researches have been conducted and some hypotheses were already proven.

The brain is the main control center of our body. It has the capacity to do many things. It controls our body and directs us what the body should be doing.

With the extreme power that the human brain possesses, it has the talent to control even how we will live our life. The human brain is so powerful that even the universe may be controlled.

Learning how to use our brain power lets us create things that we have always been dreaming of.

What else do we need to know about the power of our mind?

Our thoughts enable us to change our way of living.

The power of the mind gives us more than what we are expecting. It has been proven that to be able to have the things we want, we should always put that in mind. One power that the mind seizes is the power of positive thinking...

One should think positively so he or she could attain more than what is needed. Some people uses this power of the human thought to take control of their lives. Most people who use this have been successful in examinations, job interviews, and even in relationships.

If one thinks of positive thoughts, positive vibes will also be attracted.

Just like in sickness, if a person continues to think he or she is sick, most likely the person won't be able to recover from that illness. If he or she thinks positively by acting like no illness at all, positive vibes will be attracted, making that person feel extremely well pretty soon.

The ability of the mind is also used to control things that people wants to stop doing.

One of the ability of the human mind is the power to hypnotize. Hypnotic power may lead to a positive life. For instance, a person who wants to lose weight may use this kind of therapy.

With the help of a hypnotherapist, the mind may be reprogrammed, just like a computer to think the other way. So, for the person who wants to lose weight, after a few sessions of hypnosis, the person is most likely to lose weight because his or her mind had been reprogrammed to think differently.

Some also use hypnosis to quit smoking by reprogramming the person's mind set to think of smoking in a different way than before.

These are just some of the mind powers that the human brain can do. Having many of the abilities of our brain makes it vulnerable.

The brain might look like a simple body part or organ, but in reality, we should learn how to utilize the powers that our mind and thoughts have so we can live a quality life.

Hope you enjoyed this short article!

Ewen Chia


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