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How to Create a Funded Proposal With 5 Minute Mogul That Will Bring You 550,000 Leads and Build You a Downline
Does it feel like no matter how many different things you try online to generate leads and build your downline, nothing ever works?

If so, you're not alone!

Fortunately, BetterNetworker Instructor Kimball Roundy discovered a process that does work (he's generated over $1.5 million in revenue with it!) and is ready to reveal exactly what you need to do to see similar results.

In this training video, Kimball teaches you how to develop an extremely valuable skill that people are willing to pay you to learn, teaches you how to leverage your first product into a constant cash flow, and explains why the "terrible" first system he created actually wound up being one of the best things he's ever done!

In this video he reveals the exact process, 5 Minute Mogul,  he used to create his Funded Proposal Products and Attraction Marketing Systems that have brought him well over 550,000 leads, built a Downline organization of over 31,000 people and brought in over $1.5 Million in Revenue... And he will show you exactly how to do it yourself!

Get more details at 5 Minute Mogul now!

5 minute mogul      

Kimball Roundy

The WealthFactory is proud to be working with Kimball on this exciting project which is due to be launched in just a few days.

Take a look at 5 Minute Mogul and register  for early bird notifications.


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