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OH MY GOSH!...6,976 PA!D Members in just 21 Days?



 Fellow Sokulers,

I'm just an average guy (retired), a husband, Father
and Grandfather... working to supplement our Social
Security income.

I have been involved with internet marketing for
nearly 10 years, with mixed success...until StiforP!

I'm not a "rah rah" Sales type, and I don't try to hype people.

But I have never seen anything like this...it's absolutely incredible!!

I'm just going to share what my experience has been
since I joined StiforP.

I pre-enrolled for free on Sept 1, just to check it out to see
if they were attracting many people. Well...after 3 days
I could see that thousands of people were joining as
pre-enrollees under me...but also several hundred
joined as paid members.

So I upgraded to paid member ($49) late at night on Sept
3rd, figuring that I would spend the Labor Day weekend
just getting familiar with the suite of tools they provide...
as I expected things would be pretty quiet, as is usual for
a major holiday.

WOW!!... 467 PAID MEMBERS joined under me and
over 15,000 fr~ee Pre-Enrollees  signed up in my
POWERLINE during the Labor Day Weekend...
This averages nearly 160 paid members per day!

Sunday (Sept 11th), there were 2,563 PAID members
under me...and 171,288 pre-enrollees! That's an average
of 320 per day. At 25 cents per paid member, I've earned
$641.00, (in 8 days)...this amount is growing at the average
rate of $80 each day!

PLUS, if only 1% of the pre-enrollees upgrade, that could add
another 1700 paid members to my downline,... or another

(UPDATE! _ As of Sept 12th, the paid members grew to 2,944!!)

(UPDATE! _ As of Sept 16th, the paid members grew to 4,403!!)

(UPDATE! _ As of Sept 24th, the paid members grew to 6,986!!)

Hey, I only invested $49 and got an amazing set of marketing
tools that cost an unbelievable $9.95/mo. I can use these tools
to promote any other business I want, while earning significant
PASSIVE residual income from SiforP.

I am so blessed! And I encourage you to take a step of faith
and invest $49 in StiforP ASAP!! You'll get more than $49 in
earnings on your first day!


Take care,...and God Bless!

Dennis Morstad

P.S.  Even if you don't have time...or don't even have a
        computer...You can earn 4 figure MONTHLY
        income...just for joining for $49.



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