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OMG! Alerts! Look what Sokule Can Do Now
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OMG! Alerts!  Look what Sokule Can Do Now

I just flipped when I logged into the Sokule
members area and saw this

* New Today*

Alerts from Sokule
Alerts From Twitter

Wnat to know who is saying what about whom
at Sokule and at Twitter at the same time?

No where else on the net can you do this
except at Sokule.


Want to monitor certain keywords that you
are interested in like a site you are advertising
or your name or your username or new launches
or what your competitor is doing????

Well now you can.

At Sokule

You can monitor single keywords or keyword
phrases and...

You will get an email from us, once a day,
that tells you how many times your keywords
or phrase were mentioned at either Sokule or

This is so neat
This is so over the top

Move over Google
Move over Twitter

Sokule is here

You can add up to 10 keywords and or phrases
to monitor and you can change them at any time.

Wow! Neat! I am GobSmacked.

You will be too.

Who Can Access This Application?

Bronze Plus, Silver, Gold and Founders get
this application with their membership at

Bronze members can purchase it as an add on.

Sokule never sleeps
He is working for you 24/7

He is making a space for you on the net that
is a powerhouse of advertising.

I highly recommend that, for those of you who
are sitting on the sidelines, and not taking
advantage of all that Sokule has to offer, that
now is the time to get off your duff and start
using this remarkable advertising machine that
is Sokule.

We have things are the drawing board that
are going to make your eyes pop and your
head spin. Now is the time to get yourself
into a position to use every one of the
Sokule applications.

When you sign up,make sure you take a good
look at our one time offer for our silver
membership. That will give you your best
start at Sokule.


Sokule is Built for Business
Sokule Means Business

It is designed to help you make sales.

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc



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