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SOTAM Is Launching A New No-Recruiting Feature ... Did You Hear?
Hello Fellow Marketer,

For those that have been members of State-Of-The-Art-
Mailer since the beginning, you'll probably remember
them talking about a no-recruiting feature.

Due to a delayed launch and the complexity of that
program, it was tabled for development at a later

For the past few months, they have been developing a
new feature that has never been done before.

This feature will:

* Passively recruit for you on a MASSIVE scale to
both SOTAM and any other programs you choose.
* Create a new advertising method for your business.
* SEO your website or blog.
* Promote your business opportunity all over the net
without any effort on your part.

And BEST OF ALL ... You'll never be charged for it!

A "Countdown To No-Recruiting" timer is now active.
When the timer runs out, this new feature will become

SOTAM has a ton of unique features and with this new
one coming out, it's going to be that much better.

Get in on this and get ready when that new feature
activates in less then a week!




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