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Bought 1 Advertising Position 9/14/11 With ACPO That Returned Me $34.60 In Less Than 1 Day!!!

Hello Fellow Marketer,

If you haven't already bought any advertising positions with ACPO, then make sure you do so as soon as possible.  This just launched yesterday and the 1 advertising position I purchased has already returned me earnings of $34.60.  They are staggering how many positions anyone can buy during this launch.  Day 1 was yesterday and you were allowed one.  Today is day 2 and you are allowed 2 more for a total of three.  So if you haven't already gotten any, then make sure to buy the max of 3 positions if at all possible because you will definitely get a maximum return like I did.  The name of the owner/admin is Brahm Smith!!!

Go here now: http://bit.ly/qc0NZQ ;

This can be a very passive program to earn, but you can also promote it to boost your earnings in a big way!  The choice is yours, but get in NOW!!!

Success is HERE,



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