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Margaret Pruitt - Success is something you have to pursue,its not something you have to wait for. Larry Ellner
3:37 PM Nov 01st 12 from Web
Margaret Pruitt 2:01 PM Sep 28th 12 from Web

The Best Kept Secret In The Money Making Opportunity Arena!
Check it out for yourself...

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Margaret Pruitt 2:52 PM Sep 14th 12 from Web

Sometimes we do not see the forest for the wireless revolution started in 2011.

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Margaret Pruitt 5:52 PM Sep 06th 12 from Web

This absolutely rocks...MCA

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Margaret Pruitt 9:01 AM Aug 27th 12 from Web

Hey! I want to give a shout out to all my new members. I want to
express my appreciation regarding you joining me here at Sokule.


Now,I am going to make the free associates an offer I hope they
cannot refuse. I will give each one of you that upgrade to bronze
100,000 Sokens for doing so. So, if you are a free affiliate why not
just take me up on my offer?
Those of you who are already upgraded at any level above bronze will
receive 200,000 Sokens. So holler at me and let me know.

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Margaret Pruitt 5:34 PM Aug 24th 12 from Web

I sent out a direct message to my trackers for soken rewards. I am stepping up my game to include the Facebook platform in my advertising venue...Like I know what I am!
But in the meantime, I am still in the leads business...could not tell by my paypal account; more out lately than in...but if you want or need leads, check this out:

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Margaret Pruitt 6:30 PM Aug 21st 12 from Web - Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

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