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can you still get rich selling ebooks

My Home Income Academy

I often get asked by people I meet when they discover I am an internet marketer the following:
“How can I create one of these businesses where I just sell an eBook and make a million dollars? Or one of those businesses where I just sell something someone else is manufacturing in china and just ship it to them automatically at a high price?”
Well, unfortunately that used to be possible several years ago.
Not today.
There are still businesses out there selling one ebook and making couple of thousand dollars a month. But that has more to do with the owner’s luck than skill.
The market has changed.
It got richer. Wider. Deeper. More sophisticated.
Selling eBooks used to work in 2007.
But there’s good news too.
EBook is just a delivery method. What counts is the information you offer and how it solves your customer’s problem. If you pack the same information into a video course, a podcast or a live seminar – the actual product doesn’t change, but the perceived value does.
This is nice, but I bet you just want me to tell you what works…  right?
The best way to get riiiiich right now is to offer other people’s product funnels to your customers.
Because there are tons and tons of people who went through the trouble of creating a product, putting together sophisticated deep sales funnel to sell it, created upsells, decided to put on live seminars, conduct webinars and code gorgeous members areas with content.
They’ve done all that – and they’re now giving you the lion’s share of the profits while only keeping a tiny bit of it.
It’s easy street for you from here.
Nothing to create.
Nothing to build.
Nothing to code.
Nothing to outsource.
Just market the damn thing and keep nearly all the money


To Your Success,

Bill Darton - Certified eBusiness Consultant

Bill Darton
Certified eBusiness Consultant

My Home Income Academy



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