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David Gardner - 31 Steps to Success

Basically it comes done to one thing.

Taking massive imperfect action!

Day after day you need to take action and be consistent in your efforts.

Maybe it's a video a day onto youtube.

Maybe it's an email a day to your existing list

You have to act daily.

*Page builder

*Email autoresponder

*Site Builder/Reseller Hosting

*Webinar room

*Video hosting and streaming

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner
7:27 PM Jul 31st 20 from Web
David Gardner 5:01 PM Jul 30th 20 from Web

On top of gathering email addresses, this is probably the #1 Secret that Big Business uses to get repeat sales year after year!

Learn what it's all about now!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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David Gardner 4:02 PM Jul 18th 20 from Web

Are you up for the challenge of pushing yourself and taking action on what you learn to bring you to another level.

Here is a report that I wrote and updated a while ago on getting targeted people on your list.

Take some time and watch/read them AND then commit to taking some sort of action on at least ONE piece or ah ha you got out of it.

That's the challenge...Make stuff happen!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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David Gardner 7:24 PM Jul 15th 20 from Web

The reality of it all is that we are getting different stories and really do not know how things will pan out over the next few months...

...What I do know is that working online and having the tools to build my business has been huge.

1) Landing page builder
2) Email autoresponder
3) Authority site builder
4) Webinar Conference room
5) Video hosting and streaming

Wouldn't you like to get first movers advantage?

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David Gardner 5:57 PM Jul 14th 20 from Web

If it for the tax write offs!

#businessexpenses #businessstrategies #taxwriteoffs #taxes

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David Gardner 7:26 PM Jul 13th 20 from Web

NEW Silver level all in one marketing tools suite with up to 100% commissions!

For the price of about a couple pizza's, some wings a couple beers you could have a complete marketing system to grow your business in any niche AND be able to earn back from it as well.

This is a great entry level pricepoint accessible by most people getting online!

Lock in your Silver level now here:

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David Gardner 8:54 PM Jul 08th 20 from Web

3 Streams are better than one!

What do you think would work better carving out a landscape 🏞

One river, or three?

Well guess what...the same holds true with your marketing and business in carving out the future you desire.

Three streams are better than just one.

1) The Traffic: Through Traffic Authority🚀

2) The Training: Through List Leverage 👨‍🏫

3) The Tools: Through Now Lifestyle 💻

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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David Gardner 4:30 PM Jul 07th 20 from Web

I need your will help Newbies everywhere!

I am in the process of putting together a new training course and I want your help!

Please take 5 minutes to fill it out to help me guide you in the best training I can provide that will help YOUR growth!

Here is that link again in case you did not get a chance to fill it out the other day.

It should not take you more than 5 minutes!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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David Gardner 6:56 PM Jul 03rd 20 from Web

I am in the process of putting together some great content and a new course for NEWBIES and I wanted your input!

If you could spend a few minutes and answer a few questions it would be greatly appreciated and for taking part I will give you first dibs access to the training!

Here is the questionnaire form to fill out:

I greatly appreciate it and thank you in advance for your thoughts, ideas and experiences here!

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner

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David Gardner 7:50 PM Jun 29th 20 from Web

Tomorrow marks the half way point in 2020...while many of us wish 2020 never happened so far the fact of the matter is that the year is flying by.

Are you satisfied?

If you haven't even started yet then of course you likely are not.

While many places are starting (or have been) re-opening...some are re-closing as spikes have been occurring in certain places.

All the details are on my blog post above.

Let's do this!

Dave Gardner


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