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Cal or Kari Mabus - U how much fun it is to ask- How much could you save by eliminating your grocery bill? Response: A Bunch!
12:03 AM Jan 12th 11 from Web
Cal or Kari Mabus 12:00 AM Jan 12th 11 from Web

Hi all, Finally got time to learn more about SoKule, tracking & squeeks. Thanks to all tracking us. Looking forward to know more of you all.

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Cal or Kari Mabus 11:26 PM Jan 11th 11 from Web

RS @AskPappy How Much JERKY MONEY Is In YOUR Pocket

Two bags of all Natural, Made in the U.S.A.
Beef,Buffalo,Turkey Jerky or pet treats.
Plus a Web Site and Back Office.
2 bags of Jerky each month and
Your own Home Business all for $12 a month.
Every member of YOUR family should have
JERKY MONEY in their pockets and
their own Home Business.

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