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RLydell Culton - Guaranteed money back means you spent money first. Not with us. We don't want your money, we want you to make money. Your success is our success, in every meaning of the word. We will show you how to do this business and we will make money together. No crazy promises of unbelievable wealth, only a signed guarantee that you will receive no less than $1000.00usd for successful deals. There are no other offers like this anywhere. is dedicated to wealth development for everyone.
7:11 PM Sep 26th 11 from Web
RLydell Culton 6:58 PM Sep 26th 11 from Web

Why pay any fees to learn a business? Check out what can be done for FREE with Come by the site, sign-up, and grow with us. This business is for everyone and it costs nothing to look and then learn. We want to show how business can be fair, truthful, and profitable.

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RLydell Culton 12:55 PM Sep 21st 11 from Web

RLNGroup is growing and we are really excited about the response. Our hope is to help everyone take advantage of the many opportunities available created by alternative-financing in real estate. We don't want your money, we just want a little effort. Free membership and free training. Simply put, learn the ropes and grow with us. Check us out at There's NOTHING like this one!!

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RLydell Culton 3:19 PM Sep 19th 11 from Web

Millions out of work, people complaining about unemployment, sad situation. Anyone reading my posts who is suffering from the country's economic situation, contact our group. We have begun a new approach to wealth building. Free opportunity, free membership, and free training. Desire to learn what we do is all we require of our members. Although there are two position levels achievable, both are free. wants to help everyone attain peace of mind financially.

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RLydell Culton 4:24 PM Sep 15th 11 from Web

Someone tell me of any offer, anywhere that allows people to make real GUARANTEED money with so little effort or expense. We want this offer to be unbelievable because everyone is tired of the same ol' dull routine. Check out a new idea and see just what we are talking about. Make your decision. If you like what you see, join. If not, don't. Just remember this: It doesn't cost a dime to look. Best of all, it doesn't cost a dime to join. This is a share profit business. Plain and simple.

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RLydell Culton 3:16 PM Sep 15th 11 from Web

Funny thing about guarantees. You are always promised a guaranteed refund if this or that doesn't work. This approach means there is risk involved from perceived investment. Let me show a different kind of guarantee. I guarantee in writing, w/ a signed certificate, that ALL members of our group, will receive no less than $1000.00 per successful deal we generate from information provided by member.
That's it. Cut and dry. No added flourishes. Join 100% free, all info provided free. Come see us

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RLydell Culton 3:01 PM Sep 15th 11 from Web

After joining many businesses in the past, I noticed a very disturbing pattern. Once I joined, I was on my own to create the instant success promised. I've taken classes, gone to seminars, received coaches, paid for extra instructional material, etc. I'm sure everyone knows the drill. In all these efforts, one thing was missing. No one truly offered anything 100% free. I've decided to change that and show the world profit can be made if everyone can be involved without cost. RLNGroup is the way.

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RLydell Culton 11:08 AM Sep 12th 11 from Web

Written guaranteed payout of $1000.00 or more, limited effort and absolutely no fees! Only RLNGroup uses this business model. Check us out!!

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RLydell Culton 11:05 AM Sep 12th 11 from Web

We are changing the game. No fees for members EVER! Free e-book instruction and free info to create successful deals. No offer like it.

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RLydell Culton 11:28 AM Sep 08th 11 from Web

Guaranteed opportunity w/o crazy promises and 100% free-for-life membership is what I offer. No one will win if we can't all play.

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