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Laurie St.John - Get $10 Free Just 4 Joining!
8:26 AM Feb 03rd 12 from Web
Laurie St.John 4:10 PM Aug 26th 10 from Web

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Laurie St.John 3:08 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

RS @oscart When we pass those 1000 trackers we become Sokule Seekers, or Sokule Stars as it says on the icon in the Member Area.

Have you seen, when hovering over that icon, the name of the HTML page it loads? It's achievers.html. That's as good a description as seeker or star. We've put our mind and work into achieving something, and we've reached our goal.

Let's not stop there.

Let's keep on being achievers!

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Laurie St.John 3:08 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

RS @tadjfm I Will GIVE you 5,000 FREE Opt-In Leads Monthly! For FREE !

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Laurie St.John 3:07 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

RS @surgreen Checked your email lately? Jane Mark is seriously promoting ResidualQUIK and the RevenueMagic Group ~ Clinton Clark @revenuemagic owner of RevenueMagic and ResidualQUIK has already recognised the power of SoKule and has plans afoot for in us all :) ..btw Jane Mark will be a guest speker on a ResidualQUIK webinar at a date to be announced..

Roll up! ..Roll up!! ~ get YOUR FREE sokens here!
~Goto Members Bonuses after signing up :)

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Laurie St.John 3:07 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

RS @oscart @jennyrogan Thank you Jenny!

Now that I've passed 1000, with the standstill in new trackers just around that number, trackers seem to be coming in at a more normal speed again. Interesting phenomenon.

Lurven ought to be happy. He more or less thinks he owns my lap anytime he wants to, business hours no exception. I'm not to good at pushing him down onto the floor again repeatedly, so it sometimes makes it rather hard to handle my laptop at the same time.

Have a nice day!


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Laurie St.John 3:06 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

RS @hillst Helping average people create Extraordinary incomes from home. Do you have access to a computer? Want to make extra money in your spare timeworking from home? Be your own boss. Find out how at:

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Laurie St.John 3:03 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

Break Up With eBay For Good!
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Laurie St.John 2:43 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

Profits Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.....
Step Out of Ordinary..and Enter The Unexplorered!

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Laurie St.John 2:37 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

A Whole New World Owned By You!
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