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4:22 PM Oct 13th 17 from Web
Andy Johnson 2:02 PM May 14th 12 from Web

Are you earning at least $10 a day. I am. Took some time buit I am there and it is growing.

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Andy Johnson 4:14 AM Aug 22nd 11 from Web

ClixSense makes sense to me. Get paid to look at ads. We have beem paid many times!

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Andy Johnson 12:15 PM Sep 15th 09 from Web

Check this out. I send message on Sokule and they appear on twitter too. Check it out!

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Andy Johnson 12:11 PM Sep 15th 09 from Web

Just finished sending a power solo ad at Great Wall Text Ads. Check it out. This is great free advertising!

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Andy Johnson 11:56 AM Sep 15th 09 from Web

Sometimes it's not about WHAT you sell.It's about WHERE you're advertising your business.

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