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Viral Traffic at Tron Banners.


Tron Banners has the perfect combination

to get your message out.


Get thousands of hits from viral traffic and

Unlimited Trx (Tron) payments.



Every new member has to click on all 8 banners

and visit all pages before they can register.


You will not only be getting free exposure

of your banners but also guaranteed visitors

to your sites.


This starts a tsunami of viral traffic.


Free members can create massive viral

traffic and generate revenue with no money

out of pocket.


You will earn 200 Trx for each directly referred

member who upgrades and you will receive

visitors from your downline 8 levels deep.


Upgraded members earn 280 Trx for each

directly referred member who upgrades, plus

80 Trx for each upgraded member on your

2nd – 8th level in your infinity width downline.


Plus, you will receive visitors from your downline

8 levels deep.


If you don’t have a wallet for Tron (Trx), you

can create one using Atomic Wallet.


Current value of Trx



Conversion table of Trx/US$



There is an optional advertising coop, where

you can create a truly passive instant pay

Trx income, to supplement your marketing efforts.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight






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