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I'm a Sokule Seeker
Oscar Toft - Don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but since yesterday Sokule has passed a milestone.

More than 1 billion Sokens have now been given away.

Congratulations to all of us!
4:56 PM Apr 16th 10 from Web
Oscar Toft 3:07 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

When we pass those 1000 trackers we become Sokule Seekers, or Sokule Stars as it says on the icon in the Member Area.

Have you seen, when hovering over that icon, the name of the HTML page it loads? It's achievers.html. That's as good a description as seeker or star. We've put our mind and work into achieving something, and we've reached our goal.

Let's not stop there.

Let's keep on being achievers!

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Oscar Toft 2:55 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

@jennyrogan Thank you Jenny!

Now that I've passed 1000, with the standstill in new trackers just around that number, trackers seem to be coming in at a more normal speed again. Interesting phenomenon.

Lurven ought to be happy. He more or less thinks he owns my lap anytime he wants to, business hours no exception. I'm not to good at pushing him down onto the floor again repeatedly, so it sometimes makes it rather hard to handle my laptop at the same time.

Have a nice day!


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Oscar Toft 2:13 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

My cat also wants to thank you for making his master, (or should that be his slave), a happy Sokule Seeker!

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Oscar Toft 2:08 AM Mar 12th 10 from Web

Finally reached my Sokule Seeker goal sometime last night Norwegian time.

A big thank you to all my trackers!

What is the next goal?

Being a Sokule Finder, finding gold through the use of Sokule.

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Oscar Toft 12:58 PM Mar 11th 10 from Web

Funny how my number of trackers seems to have come almost to a standstill, less than 10 trackers before I reach my Sokule Seeker goal.

The number has increased by 10s of trackers relatively quickly the last few days.

I'm also currently offering 31,000 sokens for tracking me through the Claim Sokens page, so that should not be the problem.

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Oscar Toft 2:15 AM Mar 08th 10 from Web

Another Monday morning here in Norway. Lots of snow lying around. Has been like that for a while.

Do you think it will be possible for me to become a Sokule Seeker by the end of the day? Still need 80 trackers to be there.

At the moment I'm offering 19,000 sokens for a track at the Claim Sokens page.

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Oscar Toft 9:42 PM Mar 06th 10 from Web

Late night here in Norway, 04:40 am. Just checked my number of trackers. 900 now!

Just 100 to go for the Sokule Stars.

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Oscar Toft 3:02 AM Feb 27th 10 from Web

Woke up this morning (Norwegian time) finding that I'm now being tracked by 800 people.:)
Time to gear up for the final sprint towards the stars and my status as a Sokule Seeker. It won't be long now!

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Oscar Toft 9:44 AM Feb 16th 10 from Mobile Mobile Icon

Sitting at a coffee place, waiting for my wife, drinking coffee and posting to Sokule. Fascinating!

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