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I'm both Thrilled and Proud to be a member of Sokule. Being an internet marketer for 10 years I can see the amazing value Sokule holds and that it will truly revolutionize Social Networking in a BIG way! All I can say is that if you don't become a part of Sokule you're going to be left in the dust it's about to stir when it overtakes Twitter!

Sokule is the choice of a New Generation and the next big IM Wave.

John Denton - President MyeBizNow.NET Inc.
Connection2Wealth eBusiness Center

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Some exciting things going on at Traffic Geyser! As of today we have added a new Twitter Like site to our submissions. It is called Sokule (pronounced so cool). I suggest everyone register and use it. It is a brand new site, but could shortly leave Twitter in the dust. You can put in back links to your website, and a lot more. It was created by Internet Marketers FOR Internet Marketers. I think you will like it. Powerful stuff, and more on the way!

Frank Sousa
Co-Developer of Traffic Geyser

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Sokule is Brilliant and Generous Jane and Phil! ...to monetize a "Twitter like" program and then to give Founders/Leaders the 48 hrs pre-launch notice to their Teams first on ALL additional applications is greatly appreciated!;-) Thank You!

Tom Haley
JPE Advertising Team Leader

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Finally... A Twitterish system for marketers! Well done Jane and so needed!

Brad Webb
Partner - Earners Unite

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Jane And Phil have created a masterpiece with SoKule. Anyone that is on the internet will not only end up at SoKule eventually but they will see their business grow with SoKule, they will make money with SoKule and they will have fun along the way. You could say that SoKule is YOUR missing link for online success. Sokule is truly a vision in the unique design and AWESOME content it has!

Fact is that SoKule might just be the only site you will ever need to make some bucks online. Great job guys!

Terry LaFever
SoKule Founding Member

paula frye

First, I wanted to tell you I am LOVING Sokule! It took me awhile to catch on. Maybe I'm a bit "old school" but this is one of the best advertising sites I've seen in a LONG time online! :-)

Paula Frye

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Hi, You have done a great job. Phil's site looks good, I am proud to have joined Sokule. I will make sure all my friends join Sokule.

Timothy Kajina
Ordinary people - Extra ordinary income. Register FREE!

Greetings; I have many people visiting my website, and I am very pleased with your company.

Brenda Knight

paula frye

Greetings; Hi Jane

Since using Sokule tools I have noticed my finance site has jumped 14million page ranks in a matter of weeks.

Most people are using Sokule tools for business opportunities, but these are powerful tools for any business and website.

I launched the site (www.finance4nonfinancemanagers.com) in mid November on 27/11/2012 I checked my ranking it was 19,734,018. Then I started using Sokule after about 12 months absence, and I joined both kulesearch and kulesubmit at founder level.

I checked around 20/12/2012 my ranking was 5,834,001.

I checked my rankings again exactly 1 month later and it was 5,767,909 27/12/2012. I have used posts, used your recommended branded sites feature, Kulesearch with Kulebuzz articles, and walah a 14million page rank jump.

I used Kulebuzz and indeed it got some my articles with less competitive words on page 1 Google, the more competitive ones a few pages back but I know will slowly improve. My site is in a very competitive key word market, but already I am seeing my site growing rankings.

Sokule tools can used on any website, any service offering. And when Sokwall is combined with Kulesearch it makes a powerful recipe.

Manjit Biant
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